2008 Awana Grand Prix

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I wanted to start this tradition at Danieltown, because I was in a race like this back in 1991 and it is one of my most lasting childhood memories. If there is anything we can do to create positive memories in the minds of our children/youth that could steer them toward God when they inevidably face the twists and turns of life later on, then I think we ought to do it.

This was our very first Awana Grand Prix at Danieltown Baptist Church. Many signed up, however only 4 children/youth cars showed up on race day. We also had 3 adult entries.

This first car has become a classic at our church. The kids love it and many have asked to be in the race just because of this car. Needless to say it expresses the racers sense of humor.

Heather Lovelace, Awana Commander


Greg Rome: 1st in Speed and 1st in Design


Courtney Stallings: 2nd in Speed


Trevor Robbins: 2nd in Design


Trent Robbins

Here are the Adult Racers


Robin Foss: 1st in Speed and 1st in Design


David Foss, Sr: 2nd in Speed and 2nd in Design


Heather Lovelace


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